Monday, 3 April 2017

Top Two Latest, Fun and Learning Kids Games from Gameiva

Top two latest, fun and learning kids games from gameiva

Nowadays, the best way to help kids learn various educational as well as the fun activities is to give them a gadget because the maximum number of kids find it really interesting. GameIva bring the amazing collection of kids games that are helpful for them to learn good habits in the most pleasant way possible. We make the games with extraordinary designs and some eye-catching graphics so that the maximum number of kids attract to play the game and by playing it they get a good learning experience.

Here, we bring these two amazing games from GameIva, one of them is a learning game and the other game is an entertaining game which will be loved by kids. The brief description about all these games are shown below.

1)  Puppy's Day Care:

Puppy's day care
Kids love puppies and it gets even more adorable when a puppy performs various activities which humans do. For that reason we bring this amazing kids game to give kids educational information with fun. Start this game by helping puppy to wake up early in the morning and perform various morning activities like brushing teeth, dressing up, taking breakfast & more. Then go to the school and do some mathematical tasks, number identification, learning color names. After coming back from school to play various games like football & basketball. Clean the dirty park and don't let the rats take the things away. After coming back home, give puppy a refreshing bath. 

2) Shave Prince's Beard Salon:

Shave Prince's Beard
Oh!! Look, what happened to all the princes? There seems to be something wrong with them! And you need to find out what the problem is by playing this interesting board game Shave Prince's Beard. There are four different princes and all of them are suffering from various problems. You need to help them to rescue from the problem and make them even more handsome for their wedding. Here, you can perform various activities like applying shaving cream, trimming the beard, shaving and much more things. Perform all these things and help prince to become handsome. And at the end don't forget to take various pictures and also save them to your gallery.

Still, you are having any query or doubt regarding the same topic, then please send us a mail or just drop a comment in the comment box with no hesitation. We would be glad to solve your problems. And don't forget to share these games with your friends and family members.

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