Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Learn to Bake Cakes for Parties with Lot of Activities and Games

Let’s enjoy making cake on our own and prepare for some awesome parties for birthdays and various different occasions with lot of different fun ideas, activities and games.

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has a perfect collection of a set of different party ideas and cake making games for kids which feature lot of different activities and games in it benefiting the kids with lot of educational activities and tasks.

Let’s have a look at the best collection of the party games and cake making games by Gameiva as given below.

1) Puppy Birthday Party Time

Blow up colorful balloons to decorate the party. Bake a delicious birthday cake, decorate a room, take care of your pet, dress it and organize a celebration. Grab this awesome chance to play and have with puppies.

    pet party games
  • Craft beautiful invitation card with paw-painting and wrap the return gift for all guests.
  • Bake a yummy cake for your puppy while learning about different kitchen tools.
  • Don't forget to entertain your guests with different fun activities.
  • Open cool presents and make your birthday extra special.

2) Prom Night Cake Maker for Kids

Learn to use the different tools in the kitchen which is used to make cake and mix the different recipes added to it. And finally you will totally learn to make your own cakes of different variety in this cake maker game for kids.

    cake maker games
  • Lot of different type of cakes in this game. 
  • Many different recipes used which will help you understand materials used in it. 
  • Learn to make the cakes by playing and completing all the levels.
  • Unlock new cake levels by completing one at a time.

3) Kitty Birthday Party Time

Here is the fun game where you can start celebration planning like blow up balloons, back a cake, and more. This is a best way for kids to learn how to plan a birthday party for pet.

    kitty games for kids
  • Back a delicious cake for kitty with using kitchen tools. 
  • Clean the room with cleaning tools.
  • Choose the dress for kitty with matching accessories like hats, glasses, shoes and scarf.
  • Entertain your guest with different activities like blow the balloons, make a cup cake, so some painting and paper craft.

4) Birthday Planning Party Ideas

The birthday planning is a beautiful game for children to help them plan a birthday. Kids can get the best ideas to celebrate a birthday party and enjoy to the fullest with everyone.

    birthday party ideas
  • This simple birthday game for kids has 8 different tasks for a party. 
  • The tasks include everything for a complete birthday party.
  • A complete entertaining party planner game for kids.
  • Learn a lot of different ideas by completing all the given tasks.

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