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Enjoy the Best Entertaining Surgery Activities for Toddlers

Every kid dreams of becoming a doctor and a surgeon and treating the patients with different problems. But for a kids to become a surgeon is a long way to go and will take years. But Gameiva brings some amazing surgery games for kids featuring all the different surgery activities on various parts of the body. Follow the steps, use various different operating tools and complete the surgery to become a successful surgeon.

stomach surgery
Let’s have a look at the top surgery games for Gameiva having the best variety of surgical activities through amazing animations that the kids will enjoy to the fullest.

1) Skin Doctor Surgery Games

Learn a lot of different surgery activities for the skin form this latest surgery game for kids by Gameiva. Use different medical tools and other surgical methods to do the skin surgery. Examine the patient and find out the problem with his skin and treat with the latest techniques using these latest medical tools in surgery hospital.

skin doctor game
Activities in the Game:
  • Lot of different medical tools.
  • Lot of fun surgery activities in the game.
  • Become a real skin surgeon from this game.
  • Share this skin game surgery game with your friends and have fun with them.

This is the best chance for all the kids to become a plastic surgeon. The plastic surgery for kids is the best platform for all the kids to do a plastic surgery for needy patients with many different plastic surgery tools and machines. There is an emergence in the hospital and the patient needs you to quickly treat their injury on various parts of their face. So let’s get started to answer all the emergencies in the ward as a plastic surgeon and complete all the duties.

plastic surgery game
Activities in the Game:
  • Treat the patient’s eyes with the tools and give her a beautiful eyebrow.
  • Do surgery on her lips, nose and face with to give her a totally new and beautiful look.
  • Use various different high quality tools like laser machine, surgery machines, etc.
  • Cure the injury on her nose by healing the bone in the nose.

Let's learn some surgery operations like heart surgery, ear surgery etc. in this multi surgery game for kids with lot of different operations on various parts of the body. The kid patients are waiting as they have serious problems in their various internal organs and they want you to treat them in your surgery hospital. Use various different surgery tools and do the operation successfully. Hurry up as there are so many patients waiting for their turn of surgery.

doctor game
 Activities in the Game:
  • A lot of different surgery on different internal organs of the human body.
  • Use a number of different tools like X-ray machine, oxygen mask etc. for the surgery.
  • Follow the steps and complete all the surgery successfully.
  • Do the stitches after the surgery is over.
  • And finally put a plaster on the stitches.

The monsters are also getting ready for the festival of Halloween and they are at your scary surgery hospital to have a quick surgery over their face and some scary beauty makeovers. Choose your scariest monster customer and start the surgery on them as planned. Clean the face with the towel and mark with the pencil the area where you have to do the surgery. Use the microscopic machine to have a closer look at the area of surgery and use all the different tools for the operation. Start all the fun activities right now and all the best for the operation.

plastic surgery game
Activities in the game:
  • Choose any of the customers and get started with the surgery.
  • Mark a straight line with the pencil on the area where you have to do the surgery.
  • Do surgery on different part of the face like the eyes, nose, lips etc.
  • Cure all the problems that the monsters are having on different parts of their face.

The poor little baby is having a severe stomach pain due to some unhealthy intake of fast food. So now you have to help this little baby girl by taking her to the hospital and treating her with all the necessary medical attention. Check her health and put oxygen mask to give oxygen when necessary. Take some blood sample for testing. Also check her blood pressure. Finally do a surgery on her stomach and remove all the germs, harmful items and the poisonous substances in her stomach. So now you will have to hurry up as the kid needs the medical care very urgently.

stomach surgery game

Activities in the Game:
  • Treat the baby with a lot of different surgery tools in the hospital.
  • Check her blood pressure and also check a blood sample of her.
  • Use different medical tools to remove all the germs from her stomach.
  • Put the oxygen mask on her whenever necessary.

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