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Latest Addition to the Christmas Special Games for Kids

The Christmas is closing and Gameiva brings you with an amazing collection of the best and the latest Christmas games for toddlers. These Christmas games features totally new and fresh activities for kids. Enjoy playing lot of different educational activities and games, Christmas special salon and makeover make over games, Christmas party games and other games featuring lot of different activities.

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The below given are the exciting new games for kids featuring lot of different entertaining and innovative activities.

1) Christmas Case Hidden Object

The Christmas is closing by and so it is very important for everyone to decrease the crime rate so that the Christmas can be enjoyed to the fullest. Become a Criminal detective and find out all the mystery behind the crimes that had been occurring since few days. There are 10 different cases to be solved. Start from the first case and go to the 5 different scenes for each of the murder case. Look carefully for all the clues, hidden objects and find the name and number of all the criminals.

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Investigation Activities in the Game:
  • There are 10 different criminal activities to be solved.
  • Each case has 5 different scenes.
  • You will have to solve each of the case with different methods.
  • Use the super polarized glass to find out some objects which cannot be seen by eyes.

2) Princess Salon Makeover

princess games
Help the princess with all her different makeover activities at your royal makeover salon. Use all the latest and totally new makeover tools to beautify her face and make it glow like a moon. Remove all the wrinkles from her face and also remove the double cheeks. Use all the different perfumes to give a beautiful fragrance for her face. Help the princess with her hair dress up. Choose from any different hair style that you like for the princess. And then later choose from lot of different royal clothes for her and a beautiful crown on her head. Make sure that the hair style totally matches her dress.

3) Christmas Pajama Party

pajama party game

Welcome to the amazing Christmas pajama party for girls and enjoy this Christmas with a night over with all your friends at your home. Have lot of fun with lot of different activities with everyone. Start with some makeover activities and use all the different makeover tools and also help all your friends with their makeovers. Eat as many chocolates as you want. Serve your friends with some drinks and tasty snacks. Start the music and have fun dancing at the DJ party.

 4) Christmas Slacking 2015!

christmas fun games
The Santa has arrived to give a present to Emily and give her a surprise for the next morning. But Emily wants to catch the Santa when he comes to her home to put the presents. So now your task is to help the Santa to not be caught by the little kid and keep her busy with different tasks, games and activities. And immediately put her to sleep as the Santa arrives. Your time is very limited to complete each learning activity so complete it as quickly as possible. There are lots of different entertaining activities that you can play with Emily.

5) Giggle Christmas Counting

number games

The giggle Christmas counting is an amusing game for toddlers featuring lot of amazing activities. Choose your favorite Christmas funny character in the Game. Make sure you blow the chimney of the houses as soon as the character tries to enter it. Arrange all the different Christmas masks in the perfect order. Learn the numbers while playing these games.


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