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Top 3 Latest Animated Spot the Difference Game for Kids

Do you love to play "Spot the difference" game that you find in many story books for kids. Everyone loves it because it is simple, fun and entertaining to play with. Gameiva brings you some amazing game for kids with animated spot the difference activities in it. Enjoy the latest spot the difference game at various different places featuring lot of different characters like animals, birds, sea animals and much more.

game for kids

The below given are some of the best finding the difference game for kids with totally new variety of activities in it.

1) Zoo Animal Spot the Difference

animal game for kids

The kids had visited the zoo and they saw lot of different small and big animals over there. They kids had also taken lot of pictures of the animals at the zoo. Now they are comparing the images that they took of the same animal and finding out the differences in them. Help the kids to find all the differences of the image of the same animal. Find all the differences in the minimum time possible and use amazing power ups to help you with the search but be sure to use those amazing powers wisely. And in case you find difficulty in a particular you can also skip it in a second and play it later.

2) Spot the Differences Ocean

Let's swim deep into the oceans and take lot of pictures of different sea animals and fishes. Collect all the different pictures together and compare all the differences in them in this amazing Spot the difference game for kid. Start from the first level and watch all the different types of fishes swimming together. You have to find the differences amongst these animated swimming fishes. Be fast because you have very less time and the oxygen tank will get over soon under the water.

Enjoy lot of different power ups which will make you feel like a superhero in the game.

    finding the difference game

  • Use the magic wand to find a particular difference in the game by magic.
  • Use the Magnet to attract one of the differences in them.
  • Reveal one using the tube light.
  • You can zap the time using the Zapper and stop time for a moment.
  • Use the timer to increase the content of oxygen and time you have.

3) Spot the Differences Animal

Let's enjoy an amazing ride through the beautiful forest and play some amazing spot the difference game with lot of animated effects in all the views. Look carefully at the 2 different images of the same place and animal and find out all the minor hidden differences in it. Test your eyes and concentration skill in this game and find maximum differences before the time gets over. In case you find it difficult to solve a particular level don't worry because you have so many superpowers with you in all the levels. Choose more time if the time is about to get over, or ask the helper to reveal one difference for you, use the magnet to find out one and much more power ups in each level.

Activities in the game:

    game for kids
  • An animated Spot the difference game with lot of levels at the circus tent.
  • Find out all the differences within the given time and move on to the next level.
  • Use all the different power ups in each level in case of trouble with any.
  • Also skip the level if you are finding it too hard and time consuming.
  • But always be sure that you don't accidentally touch any wrong item as it will reduce the time you have.

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