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Be the Owner of Your Own Salon and Prepare Your Own Makeover Style

Do you enjoy being at salon and doing all the makeover activities with your own makeover skills. Then here is a perfect list of games for girls by Gameiva that you all are surely going to love playing. Enjoy the Indian traditional special makeover activities, Play with the cute pets at the pet salon and lot of different makeover games of totally different categories in each.

salon game for girls
Lets have a look at all of the latest salon and makeover games that Gameiva brings for you.

Now even the animals want to have some beauty make over at your salon and become totally cute and beautiful. All the animals from the jungle are waiting in line at your salon. Begin fast and choose your animal customers one by one and start all the makeover activities for them. Wash their hair with a shampoo and use the towel and the drier to dry it off. Use all the different hair dress up tools and give beautiful hair design to all the animals and make sure that the design your make totally suit their cute looks. Enjoy lot of different animal salon activities in this game.

salon games

Salon Activities in the Game:

  • Select all your animal customers one by one.
  • Make different hair styles for each of the animals.
  • You will have to hurry up as there are lots of different animals from the forest.
  • Share this animal salon game with all your friends and have fun with the totally new makeover activities.

princess salon game
The Super model is going to participate in a huge fashion show soon and she urgently needs your makeup skills to make her look beautiful for the big event. Do lot of different makeover activities like applying cream to her face and giving a wash to make her face skin glow. Use the towel to dry off all the water off her face. Remove all the pimples from her face with the pimple remover. Use the hair remover to remove all the small hair near her eyebrows. There are plenty of different tasks to be completed for all the different beautiful models. So start quickly and help them get ready for the fashion show.

A totally new game of princess makeover and salon activities and also lot of different fun games and activities at a beautiful royal garden. Enjoy playing with the beautiful unicorn, collect all the different fruits and clean them to make some delicious fruit juice from it. Make a beautiful outfit for the princess, enjoy with all the different makeover activities. Time to do some makeover for the princess as well as the beautiful unicorn of the princess and make them totally beautiful.

makeover games

Activities in the Game:

  • Collect all the different fruits and make some delicious juice out of it.
  • Enjoy playing with the unicorn and doing some makeover activity with him.
  • Prepare some beautiful dress for the princess.
  • Share this amazing game with all your friends and have fun playing with the princess and the unicorn.

Help your lady customers to have a perfect makeover in your beauty salon in this girl's game by Gameiva. Your salon is open and the customers are flooding in for some perfect makeover activities by you. So let's get started and do all the required tasks in this makeover game for kids where you have to take all the necessary beauty care activities. Wash the hair, remove the pimples, and do nail polish for the girl. Select perfect hairstyle, eye color and a beautiful outfit which will look perfect for her prom party. Enjoy this makeover game with lot of new activities and become the owner of your own beauty salon.

salon makeover game

Activities in the Game:
  • Lot of different makeover tools for face, hair, nail, eyes, etc.
  • Do perfect hair styles for the lady to make her look extra beautiful.
  • Learn to do some beautiful hairstyles in this with guidance.
  • Do some amazing nail polish for her and also choose a beautiful hand gloves to add some extra style.

indian salon game
It's time for a makeover. A beautiful Indian girls wants to look gorgeous in evening party where she have to wear a designer Indian dress so help her to get ready. At the beginning of the game start applying spa treatment. Massage on face with cream, wash face using shower, last apply face pack. Help her in perfect makeup, choose eye shadow, lipstick, eye lashes & more from given makeup kit. Choose beautiful hairstyle which suits on her face then select designer Indian dress from wide collection with matching accessories like necklace, purse, sandals & more.

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