Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Become a Kid Detective with These Fun Tips and Activities

Playing some spy game or a detective game can be super exciting and fun but its bit hard to be a good spy. You need to have proper detective training, make a spy team, follow all the protocols of the mission and use all the spying techniques for various different spy activities. Let’s have a look at some of the coolest spy ideas for kids that they can perform at their home with all their toddler friends.
spy kids
 1) Prepare your team and get equipped

  • Spying is fun with more than 2 people in a team for a backup and completes the mission quicker.
  • Give a job to each of the member in the team and a specific role to them with a captain who is in charge of all of them.
  • Get equipped with all the spy gadgets like a walkie talkie, whistle, magnifying glass and a camera to capture evidences.
  • You must make sure that you don’t fail to report whatever clue you find out to other team members through your communicating device like a cell phone or walkie talkie.
2) Getting the team prepared

  • Once have equipped all the team members with all the gadgets it is time that you practice and prepare to use all the devices perfectly.
  • Wear a spy dress which will differentiate you completely from ordinary people and be sure to be in disguise and don’t get suspected by anyone.
  • Encrypt your secret messages with a simple yet secret code and make a collection of entirely new set of alphabets or symbols for your message which only you and your team members will know.
  • You spy team should be able to face any situation and always be prepared to face any kind of mini dangers like a locked room, climbing down from a tall tree, getting lost in the crowd etc.
3) Prepare a protocol for the mission

  • Choose the style of the mission like to find out some hidden objects, find out the password of a computer locked system, or finding and diffusing a small water bomb.
  • Make a map by yourself of the surrounding and places where you have to complete the mission.
  • Cover all your tracks and don’t leave any evidence behind.

Now you are ready with all the activities and training necessary to build a super detective team by yourself and now let’s go for some missions and complete all of them successfully.

1) Shoe detectives

  • Outline all the sizes of the shoes into different pieces of paper and give a number to each.
  • Pass it on to all the kids and be sure that you don’t pass any of the kids with their own shoe size.
  • The detective team will have to work smartly on matching the outline of all the shoes present there and measuring their sizes.
  • The one who finds the correct size out the fastest will be the winner.
2) Powerful detective memory

  • Collect lot of detective items like a walk talkie, magnifying glass, cell phone, watch, camera and much more.
  • Put them on the table and have a blanket on the top of it to hide it from the detectives.
  • Pull the blanket for a few seconds and allow the toddler detectives to memorize the maximum of them as possible.
  • Ask them to write them down in a piece of paper. The one who has the maximum right answers written into the paper will be the best detective of the day.
3) The inescapable detective eyes

  • There is a non-detective amongst the group of detectives and the task is to find out who this secret non detective with your detective eyes.
  • Everyone will close their eyes and the one who is not a detective will change his or her posture every time.
  • The detectives have to memorize the postures of everyone before they close their eyes.
  • When the detectives open their eyes they have to find out the one who has changed their posture.
  • The one who finds out the non-detective first will be the detective with an eye of a tiger.
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