Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Top Collection for the Latest Category of Games for Toddlers

Here we come again with another set of new categories of games all related to various kinds like educational games, activity games, fun game, etc. These games are packed with totally new exciting levels featuring lot of fun activities that the ids can enjoy and learn any time. What’s the point of playing a game if there is only fun but no learning in it? Let’s do some learning alongside having fun with it.

1) Zoo Hidden Object for Kids

There are lots of different objects hidden at the zoo having lot  of animals and birds in it. Find them all in different levels having lot of different animals. Complete the level before the time gets over by finding all the items given in the list. Use lot of different power ups in between the game like magnet, zap the time to pause for a moment and give you some more time to think, you can also use few more seconds of time when it is about to be finished and much more.

2) Opposite Words for Kids

You have probably successfully learnt lot of different words in our previous educational alphabet and word learning game for kids and toddlers. Now for the first time you will be learning the opposites or the Antonyms to those words. Start the game and watch the animated character of a particular word as well as of the opposite of that word. Learn tons of new words and the antonym to it with the voice combination which will help the kids to pronounce the words properly.

3) Crazy Caveman Fiasco

We have met with a crazy big cave man in the forest who wants to play lot of fun games with you. Enter the world of primitive men by Gameiva and enjoy the amazing activities awaiting you in this entertaining game for kids. Show the caveman the way to his home as he is stuck in a small maze in the jungle. You need to build a bomb as there are so many big rocks which have to be blasted off from the way. Enjoy lot of amazing games and activities with the funny fat caveman.

Activities in the Game:
  • There is a huge fire in the main engine of the plane. Break the lock of and extinguish the fire in the engine.
  • Help the cavemen to clean off his injuries using all your medical tools.
  • Do some funny makeover for the cave man and make him look totally weird.
  • There are dozens of fun activities that you can do with the caveman.

First word learning is an amazing game for all the toddlers with lot of different easy learning activities which will help them learn lot of new words by themselves. Start the game and then choose your level. Each level will have a different collection of objects which you have to play with. Arrange all the different items on different levels into its shadows and complete the level. Once the level is completed move on to the next level with another collection of objects. Complete all the levels and learn lot of different new words.

We have tons of more different games for all the occasions and categories at Gameiva which we develop specially for educational and interactive purpose for kids and toddlers. Do stay with us for all our latest updates on games on Play Store.

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