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Get the Best Party Ideas from These Top 5 Fun Games for Kids

After all our hectic schedule partying every once in a while can really improve your mood and health and motivate you to work even harder. And For all the tired of study kids out there we bring you some amazing collection of fun and entertaining party games. Get the latest party ideas for kids and enjoy partying with all your friends and family.

party game for toddlers

Below given are few of the most liked party games for kids and toddlers by Gameiva that you can play and relieve yourself a bit.

1) Crazy Swimming Pool Party

It's is time for a big and a crazy swimming party in this latest game for girls by Gameiva. There are so many different fun activities being features in this game like spa games, swimming pool cleaning, preparing lunch for the lunch break any many more. Also help the beautiful girl get ready for her swimming pool party and then you can cast your votes to your favorite stylish models and their clothes while the judges will be counting all your votes.

party games for kids Activities in the Game:
  • Give all the proper medical care to all the girls who have minor injuries on their body.
  • Do different beauty activities in the Spa view at the Swimming party.
  • Prepare for a picnic and pack all the necessary items for it.
  • Participate in a fashion competition and also cast your votes for your favorite models over there.

2) Preschool Party Time Kids Game

It's time to plan a perfect party by inviting all your friends to it with this kid's preschool game. Create invitation cards, post letters and do all other required task to invite all your friends and start the exciting party. Complete various activities like making party bags, bake cake for the party, cut the cake, and take photo graphs and many other fun activities which will make this a totally memorable party for the kids. So let's get started with each activity and enjoy this day.

party ideas

Party Activities in the Game:
  • Create attractive invitation cards with photographs, stamps and coloring.
  • Post the invitation cards to all your friends with different envelope and stamps.
  • Make bags and prepare cake for the party.
  • Cut the cake and share it with friends
  • Play some amazing games to make the party unforgettable.

3) My Kitty Tea Party

Let's have fun by this Kitty Tea Party. Let us host this Kitty Tea Party by Gameiva. Start preparing invitation cards for little kitties friends then wrap return gifts for them. After that assist kitty to prepare tea and make all preparation for tea. After completing all preparation help them to choose best suitable dress up for party. At last arrange great table for them and share their memory with friends.

pet party games
Fun Activities in the Game:
  • Complete all tack and host this party
  • Craft beautiful invitation cards for kitty friends
  • Choose best clothes for kitty from wardrobe
  • Arrange full party & share sweet memories to your mini world

4) Beach Party Kids Game

Have you ever been to a beautiful beach? We know that going to a beach is full of fun and enjoyment playing and swimming in the waves, playing with sand and making castles from it and various different fun activities. So pack your bags and come to this amazing beach which is specially made for kids. Enjoy playing various games with your friends and then go to have lunch in the afternoon with the friends. Also you have to be a hero and rescue all the kids who are in trouble in the beach.

beach party

Activities in the game:
  • Pack your bags with friends and collect all the fun items for the beach party.
  • Rescue the kids who are trapped in the mud or in the sea.
  • Have a tasty lunch with your friends.
  • Go for shopping in the beach and buy all your favorite things.

5) Summer Camp For Kids

It is time to have some fun with the summer camp for kids. A total fun and entertaining game by Gameiva where kids can enjoy a total vacation for themselves with the camp at some beautiful places. Play many different games with friends, play with any toys of your choice, do camp fire with friends and also create your own driving license with your image in it and save it to gallery. These games are filled totally with lot of fun and entertainment in the camp which will get the kids engaged in playing with it.

adventure game for kids
 Activities in the Game:
  • There are so many games to play along with so many different activities.
  • Stay away from the honey comb as they might attack you with their stings.
  • Find yours and your friends hidden toys in a messy room.
  • Fire a campfire and then cook your favorite food and also look out that it is not over burnt.

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