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Top 5 Latest Entertaining Fun Games for Kids by Gameiva

After all the different educational activities and games by Gameiva, we now bring some amazing fun and entertaining activity games for kids. Enjoy arranging some cool party with your friends and plan the party by yourself. These games are made with the way kids imagine when they are doing a particular activity making it a very much addictive game for all the kids.

toddler games
Below given are few of the top entertaining and fun activity games for kids by Gameiva.

1) Preschool Princess Activities

The best preschool activities for kids is now conducted by the beautiful princess and now she is inviting you all to it to learn and have a lot of fun with many different entertaining and educational games. Learn all the alphabets from A-Z in a fun game, learn to spell all the animals that we find in a farm, and also feed the different animals etc. Complete all the levels from the beginning to unlock new levels. And finally also learn to build a beautiful and enormous castle in a totally fun way.

preschool games

Activities in the Game:
  • Learn to spell different animals and improve your vocabulary.
  • Go to a dark cave with a wood on fire and search for new things over there.
  • Feed the different animals with their proper food.
  • Learn to count from the apple tree by plucking all the apples one by one.

    2) Preschool Activities for Kids

    Preschool activities for kids is a game with a collection of huge amount of different creative activities for where they can play ,study and learn lot many different things. Kids will find this game really helpful as they will get lot of exposure to the knowledge and education. Play various kinds of games and complete innumerable different fun and entertaining tasks which are guaranteed to help the kids with lot of new innovative ideas and learning.

    activity game for kids

    Activities in the Game:
    • Lot of different games and tasks with many levels and activities.
    • Activities like alphabet game, number game, drawing, puzzle game and so much more are included.
    • All the activities are fun filled and entertaining which will make the kid active and busy with it.

    3) Preschool Party Time Kids Game

    It's time to plan a perfect party by inviting all your friends to it with this kid's preschool game. Create invitation cards, post letters and do all other required task to invite all your friends and start the exciting party. Complete various activities like making party bags, bake cake for the party, cut the cake, and take photo graphs and many other fun activities which will make this a totally memorable party for the kids. So let's get started with each activity and enjoy this day.

    party game for kids
    Activities in the Game:
    • Create attractive invitation cards with photographs, stamps and coloring.
    • Post the invitation cards to all your friends with different envelope and stamps.
    • Make bags and prepare cake for the party.
    • Cut the cake and share it with friends
    • Play some amazing games to make the party unforgettable.

    4) Preschool Toddler Birthday Fun

    It is time to celebrate the birthday party in a totally new and fun way. Celebrate the party by lighting the cake with the exact amount of candle as the age of the birthday boy. Find the age of different animals from the number of candles on the cake. Put the lollipop into the bag with but make sure that they are put in the correct bags as their color. Learn lots of different birthday plans and also learn lot of new games that you can play in a birthday party.

    birthday party games
    Activities in the Game:
    • Lot of different educational activities in the game to play with.
    • Light the candle to the cake after counting the age of the birthday boy.
    • Give the panda the balloon color which he like the most.
    • Complete lot of different educational games and activities in the game.

    5) Preschool Learning Kids Fun

    learning games

    Play some interactive educational activity game with this latest educational learning game by Gameiva. Choose from dozens of different options of game play and start with the fun activity in the game. Test the skills of your eyes by finding out the odd ones who is different from the group. Make it fast to get maximum score in each of the levels. There many different categories available to choose like from farm animals, pet animals, wild animals, sea animals, universe etc. Enjoy the activities in the game and improve your skills.

    All these top preschool games for kids can help them learn play lot of different games and activities by themselves. Download from play store, enjoy Playing and Share all these amazing learning and fun games for kids with all your friends. Get more educational and free fun android games Gameiva on Google play.

    We at Gameiva bring you the most loved creations for variety of categories for games and apps which the kids hugely love. We entirely concentrate on building user friendly games and apps totally related to fun and learning activities for a better educational familiarity and enjoyment for kids. Mail or contact the team behind these games anytime at

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